Meet our Elders

Pastor Neil  Watson, Lead Pastor
CaptureIn addition to serving as our Lead Pastor, Pastor Neil also serves as a member of our Elder Board. To read his complete biography,  please CLICK HERE



Shannon Huetter, Family Minister
ShannonIn addition to serving as our Family Minister, Shannon also serves as a member of our Elder Board. To read his complete biography,  please CLICK HERE



Larry Barclay
DSCN1362I was lead to the Lord by my wife, and accepted Jesus into my heart 28 years ago on 1-1-1986.
My wife and I began attending Saguaro Canyon in April of 2006.
I retired from service with the Federal Government, [Department of Defense], In June of 2006.  I worked nearly 36 years as an aircraft mechanic.
The Lord has truly blessed me with family.  My wife Carol and I were married on 3-1-1986 and had one child together, Lindsey.  I adopted Carol’s daughter Daniela, who was 7 when we met.  I have two children from my first marriage, Tracy and Jeremy.  Tracy has two children, Bianca and David.  Jeremy has one child, Madison.  Daniela has two children, Logan and Colton. Lindsey has my newest grandchild, Easton.

Kevin Dowling
DSCN1359I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior about 1990.  Since then, my walk with Christ has been a work in progress which will never end.  I am grateful for what Jesus Christ has done with my life.
My beautiful wife Nancy and I have been married since 1988 and attending Saguaro Canyon since about 2010..  We have been blessed with two children, Kevin, and Kelly.  I am currently a residential real estate appraiser since about 1988.

Steve Gilmore
DSCN1365I was raised in a Christian home and have been a Christian for 42 years.  My wife and I have been a part of the Saguaro Canyon family since August 2012.  The Air Force brought me to Tucson.  Since leaving the Air Force, I have been employed by the University of Arizona for over 27 years.  I am currently an administrator in student housing responsible for front-line customer service, housing application/assignment and student billing operations.  I have been married to my wonderful wife, Beth, for 26 years.  We have two awesome children. Daniel is currently a student at the UofA.  Sarah graduated from the Northern Arizona University in May 2014.

Johnny Hale
JohnnyI made the commitment to give my life to, and become a follower and servant of, Jesus Christ in my sophomore year of high school. I love the Lord and claim John 3:16 as the foundation for His grace that He has extended to me. I join with the Apostle Paul’s attitude of servitude found in Ephesians 3:7-13 – “Although I am less than the least of all God’s people, this grace was given me” (Eph. 3:8).
I deeply believe in the unity of Christ’s body on earth in the form of His Church, as well as churches that meet regularly in buildings to study and follow His teachings. I have been attending Saguaro Canyon Church (SCC) with my wife, Janet, since December 2010. At first we sought fellowship casually as we were in the process of looking for a new church due to the retirement of our pastor and dramatic changes in theological views from the pulpit from the new pastor. While we continued to search for about a year, we were always drawn back to SCC by the love, care, and friendliness shown to us there.  Likewise, we were praying for where the Lord wanted us to call church “home,” as we always want to be of service, not to be served.
We were excited to find sound, Biblical teachings presented by a gifted and humble servant of the Lord, Pastor Neil. It was, and is, a pleasure to be shepherd by him and to grow from not only his teachings, as well as our church body through community group meetings and opportunities to serve.
We became members of SCC in June 2014. The Lord impressed upon our hearts that we needed to commit to this special family of God, and join the rest of our congregation to “connect our community to Christ.” We are blessed to be hosting a community group, participating in POWWOW, helping at Secrist Middle School, and continuing to participate in events and projects that bless our lives, our church body’s lives, and most importantly, those who do not yet know the Lord personally.

Bill Morse
DSCN1373I accepted Christ at age 10, but the world pushed that decision into the background.  God is ever faithful and honored my commitment and drew me back to Him in 1986.  My wife, Terri, and I have been attending Saguaro Canyon about 17 years.
Terri and I have been married for 33 great years and have 5 incredible children; 2 daughters (Jessica and Katelyn) and 3 sons (Billy, Tim, and John).  I work for IBM, currently in product analytics.