Neil Watson, Lead Pastor


Neil Watson, Lead Pastor
As I am in my twelfth year of ministry here at Saguaro Canyon, I can’t help but feel humbled as to how God has drawn so many really neat people together to make up the body of believers to serve Him at this church.

Our passion here at Saguaro Canyon is to do “church as a team,” and our mission is to “connect our community to Christ.”  It has been such a blessing to see how God is pulling us together to accomplish this task. We exist to connect our community to Christ, which all starts within the four walls of our church, but quickly branches out to touch our entire community.  You are all called to be missionaries for Jesus.  You are either a missionary, or you are a mission field.  My goal is to inspire you on a weekly basis to go out into the community and make a difference where you are.

Our goal and desire is to be a church where community matters.  We encourage everyone to get involved in meaningful relationships through small groups, which we call “community groups.”  Our goal is for you to experience the kind of love that God commands us to have in Philippians 1:9, but we realize that the kind of love Paul is describing here cannot be manufactured when you only see each other once a week in a worship service.  As you get involved in building relationships around Jesus Christ, I pray that you will find your passion to do ministry and get involved in serving our community in the name of Jesus Christ.

Communication is such an important part of our commitment to the body of Christ.  We provide many opportunities for you to stay connected. Our primary means of communication are via email and our church website.

My prayer is that we will always strive to be unified in our pursuit of being followers of Jesus Christ, and that we will encourage each other along this journey.

I invite you to join us for worship on Sunday morning at 9 or 10:30 am.  I look forward to meeting you!