Wrapped in Prayer


Tuesdays, 10am-4pm Wrapped in Prayer (meets in Church Fellowship Hall)
All are welcome to join.

Wrapped in Prayer is in its third year of ministry making quilts for people who are experiencing physical, emotional, spiritual, or some other life crisis, and feel they could benefit from being covered in prayer.

The quilt is a tangible sign of Gods ever present Grace, available to all of us. These quilts are not meant to be elaborate but purposeful ~ delivering the prayers of God’s people. This is a ministry about praying not about quilting. Quilts bring comfort ~ when a quilt is made with meaning, reinforced with love, and given away with compassion, it can become a shelter in times of sickness, heartache and uncertainty.
Prayer quilts are more than blankets, which could be purchased anywhere. They are physical evidence of faith ~ faith in God, faith in love and faith in prayers. A quilt is a “prayer quilt” because prayers are quite literally, part of the fabric. The act of tying a knot with your hands is symbolic of lying on of hands, a tradition of Christian healing that goes back to the ministry of Jesus.
Prayer quilts are not made in the usual sense, with elaborate stitching done to hold the layers together, rather they are bound by strands of cotton thread that are tied on the quilt top with a prayer being said with each tie. They are normally smaller than bed quilts, usually big enough to wrap about someone’s shoulders or spread across their lap. Each quilt is made with a purpose, from the time the fabric is purchased, cut and is sewed. When a quilt top is completed it is placed before a group, and every member is invited to bind a tie and say a prayer for the person it will ultimately comfort. When all the ties have been ties and prayers have been said it is delivered to the person in need.

DONATIONS NEEDED: Fabric, batting or monetary donations are always welcome.
PLEASE EMAIL: WrappedInPrayer@SaguaroCanyon.org