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Church/School Partnership

A great need in our society is the lack of community involvement and funding for our public schools. Saguaro Canyon Church recognized this need and as a result, has adopted Secrist Middle School. Our goal is to offer some financial, physical, emotional and spiritual support for our schools.

It has been our privilege to partner with the teachers and staff at Secrist to provide them with this encouragement and tangible support.

We have enjoyed workdays for painting and cleaning and helped with tutoring, as well as providing quarterly appreciation breakfasts for the teachers and staff.


Some of the projects that we have been able to accomplish are renovating the staff break room, the conference room, the nurse’s office, as well as the library.  We have painted, just about, every room and hallway in the school.


Other opportunities that have been exciting have been helping with drama/music theater and giving Bullying/Leadership Talks to most of the student body, providing weekly luncheons for the AVID students and food pantry support during the holidays.


This has been an exciting partnership, and we are looking to continue to see what God has in store for the future.

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