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Discovery Groups


Discovering SCC

Interested in learning more about our church? Attend Discovering Saguaro Canyon Church (SCC), and find out all about our vision, philosophy, beliefs, and background.


The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, and the class will include a Q&A with one of our pastors/elders/staff. This class is open to anyone and is required for membership.

5 Weeks

Exploring Faith

Have you ever wondered what the Christian Faith is all about? Are you wanting to learn about some of the core teachings of Christianity?


We will explore things like...

  • The Conversion Experience

  • What Must I do to be Saved?

  • Our Position in Christ

  • The Significance of Baptism

5 Weeks

Growing in Christ

In order to grow in Christ, it requires us to build some healthy habits. We will discover together things like...

  • Living by the Spirit

  • Intimacy with God--The Discipline of Devotion

  • Intimacy with God--The Discipline of Prayer

  • Growing in the Church

5 Weeks

Finding your fit for ministry

Have you ever wondered what ministry might be a good fit for you? This group may provide some clarity!

We will help you find a ministry that fits you and allows you to serve joyfully as we look at things like...

  • Growing into Christlikeness

  • Enlarging the Family

  • Loving One Another--Body Life

  • Serving One Another

5 WEeks

Sharing and defending your faith

In Matthew 28:18-20 we are called to “make disciples.” As Christians, we are called to share the gospel with others. Because we live in a world that can be sometimes skeptical of Christianity, we must also be able to defend our faith.

We will discover things like...

  • Overcoming Barriers

  • Your Sharing Style

  • Sharing Your Life Story

  • Answering Objections

6 Weeks

influencing others

Making disciples means that we are investing our lives in others. Christianity is about multiplication, not addition. We want to equip people to be influencers and help them learn how to lead others in the faith. This group is required for prospective community group leaders, ministry heads, and elders in training (E.I.T.’s). More info to follow.

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