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At Saguaro Canyon Church we encourage men to pursue Jesus passionately and mobilize them to go out and change their world.


We recognize that in order for this to happen men have four basic needs:

Every man...

1)...needs other godly men.

Too many men have acquaintances and very few, if any, close godly friendships. We want to connect men with other men so that they have others walking alongside them in their faith journey.


2)...needs to grow.

Social events are great and fun, but we must go deeper. We want to offer men opportunities to grow in their faith and lead others.


3)...has a mission.

God has woven into the fabric of the masculine heart a desire to fight for, and to charge after a mission. We want men to be equipped and mobilized for a kingdom mission.


4)...needs transformation.

We believe that when we introduce men to Jesus their lives will begin to change from the inside out. We want Jesus to transform their thoughts, lives, families, work, and desires.

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